A la Carte

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Set Menu

Finland € 47,50

Traditional Salmon Soup
Creamy salmon soup, Finnish archipelago bread
Roasted Reindeer
Juniper berry sauce, forest mushroom-potato cake, vegetables and lichen
Oven baked cheese in filo pastry
Arctic cloud berries and ice-cream
Wine package: € 23,70
Cape Dreams, Sauvignon Blanc 12cl, South Africa
Amorevole, Amarone 16cl, Italy

Santa Luzia Madeira 8cl, Portugal

Austria € 38,80

Creamed artichoke soup
Artichoke chips, house bread
Wiener Schnitzel
Crispy fried escalope of veal with herbed potatoes and vegetables
Apple Strudel
Vanilla ice-cream
Wine package: € 20,50
Weingut Frank, Grüner Veltliner 12cl, Austria
Weingut Frank, Zweigelt 16cl, Austria
Nittnaus, Beerenauslese 8cl, Austria

Traditional  € 42,50

Garlic butter and Bacon-Manchego cheese butter
House bread
Pepper Steak

Beef sirloin steak 180g, Cognac-pepper sauce, ailoi potatoes, vegetables julienne
Creme Brülee
Passionfruit ice-cream and fresh berries
Wine package: € 23,70
Joseph Cattin, Riesling 12cl, France
Soldiers Block, Malbec 16cl, Australia
Santa Luzia Madeira 8cl, Portugal

Fish € 43,50

Pike Perch ala Mannerheim
Chanterelle mushroom stew, horseradish and fennel fried potatoes
Ovenbaked ice-cream
Vanilla ice-cream, raspberries, meringue and biscuit
Wine package: € 19,20
Weingut Frank, Grüner Veltliner 12cl, Austria
Santa Helena, Carmenere 16cl, Chile
Graham´s, Portviini 8cl, Portugal


Traditional Salmon Soup € 10,50 / 18,80
Creamy salmon soup served with bread

Smoked Jerusalem Artichoke Soup € 8,50 / 15,50
Artichoke chips, house bread

House Green Salad € 5,50
Herbed croutons

Crayfish Tail a la ”Skågen” € 10,70
Crayfish tail in aioli sauce and bread

Escargot € 10,20
Garlic butter and bacon – Manchego cheese butter, house bread

Cesars Salad  € 8,50 / 15,20
Romaine salad, parmesan, anchovies, croutons

 Ravioli € 12,50
Filled with goat cheese and truffle, Parmesan, herb salad

Blini Buffet

As a starter when you order your main course in addition to the a la carte menu € 16,50/person
As a main course € 27,50/person

Main Course

Chicken Breast with Blue Cheese € 19,30
Blue cheese sauce, sweet potato chips, vegetables
Elsa Bianchi, Chardonnay 12cl € 6,40

Condcutor’s Schnitzel € 20,50
Smoked reindeer, feta cheese, garlic and mushroom stuffing
with mushroom-potato cake and vegetables
Xenius, Tempranillo 12cl € 6,00

Roast of Reindeer € 32,50
Juniper berry sauce, Forest mushroom-potato cake, vegetables and lichen
Amorevole, Amarone 12cl € 9,80

Wiener Schnitzel € 21,90
Crispy fried escalope of veal, herb potatoes, vegetables
Weingut Frank, Zweigelt 12cl € 6,80

Pike Perch a la Mannerheim € 23,70
Chanterelle stew, horseradish and fennel fried potatoes.
Barwang ”The wall” Chardonnay 12cl € 5,60

Stuffed Quail (boneless) € 23,70
Chestnut, chanterelle and fruit, port wine sauce, potato gratin, vegetables
Barwang ”The wall” Chardonnay 12cl € 5,60

Ravioli € 21,30
Goat cheese and truffle filled ravioli, parmesan and herbed salad
Santa Helena, Carmenere 12cl € 6,40

Pepper Steak € 27,90
Beef sirloin steak 180g, creamy Cognac-pepper sauce,
Aioli potatoes, vegetables julienne
Soldier´s Block, Malbec € 7,60

Fried Arctic Trout € 23,70
Dark dill sauce, goat cheese-mashed potatoes, vegetables
Joseph Cattin, Riesling 12cl € 6,60

Truffle-Asparagus Risotto € 20,90
Parmesan, vegetables julienne
Weingut Frank, Grüner Veltliner 12cl € 6,80


Oven-Baked Cheese in Filo Pastry € 9,80
Cloud berries and ice-cream

Creme Brülee € 8,80
Passionfruit ice-cream and fresh berries

Asemaravintola’s Chocolate Cake € 9,50
Buckthorn ice-cream and white chocolate cream

Apple Strudel € 9,80
Vanilla ice-cream

Oven-Baked Ice-Cream € 8,80
Vanilla ice-cream, raspberries and meringue

Children’s Menu

Arctic trout and mashed potatoes € 8,50

Wiener Schnitzel with French fries € 7,20

Meatballs and mashed potatoes € 6,90

Frankfurters and French fries in a basket € 5,50

Chicken and French Fries in a basket € 5,50